Monday, January 2, 2012

My Ever Expanding To Be Read List

About six or seven years I was sitting on my couch reading the last few chapters of a book. I glanced up to the spot where I kept my pile of unread books and saw there was only one book there. I panicked and immediately went to the bookstore and purchased six or seven books. It seems silly but not having a good book readily available is kind of terrifying to me. I could live without TV or myiPod, for awhile at least, but I really must have a book close at hand.

Since then I’ve gone a bit overboard. A couple years ago I looked over at by TBR pile and thought to myself, this is out-of-control. I figured there were forty or so books in the pile and figured that with a concentrated effort I could get it down to a more acceptable level of ten or so books. The compulsive to-do list maker in me led to me writing down a list of all the books in my TBR pile so that I could cross them off one by one. I was surprised, no shocked, to learn that instead of forty or so books in the pile, there were ninety-three. (Did I mention that I’m bad at measuring things at a glance? I never understand how on TV shows people on police shows can describe a suspect as being 5’11” and 185 pounds without having a scale handy.) Now my TBR list numbers 127. Somehow books keep getting added to the pile faster than I can read them. So my goal for 2012 is to get the list down to under 100. Wish me luck.

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