Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant

A Gentleman Undone
The historical romance A Gentleman Undone is what I would call an atypical romance.  Or perhaps it is not atypical and I have simply not read enough romances.  In the romance novels I have read there is usually a woman who needs to be rescued and a bad boy who deep down is really, really good and just needs to find the right woman.  They meet, they fight, there are obstacles, and in the end they fall in love, get married, and more often not end up with lots of money if they didn't have that already.  A Gentleman Undone isn't quite like that.  Yes there are obstacles before the couple eventually marries, but Lydia Slaughter is anything but a damsel distress.  She is quite in charge of her life, has plans for her future and for the most part enjoys herself as she works her way toward her goals.  She is witty and really good at math, something made abundantly clear when she tries to teach her paramour about the concept of probability.  Speaking of her paramount, if there is anyone in distress it is will Will Blackshear, a soldier returned from battle who is now battling his personal demons. 

I don't often read romance novels.  I picked this up because romance is one of the genres to be read for the Literary Exploration Hard Challenge (more on this to be posted soon) and because of the enthusiastic reviews on Goodreads.  The fact that there was a strong heroine at the center made it a particularly worthwhile read.  More Cecilia Grant books may be in my future.

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