Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Losing It & Finding It Novellas

Title: Keeping Her: A LOSING IT Novella, Author: Cora CarmackKeeping Her is a companion story to Cora Carmack's Losing It, a book I read awhile ago. I remember liking it enough but don't remember any of the specifics beyond the premise: a college senior decides it's time to lose her virginity. She meets some guy in a bar. They have sex. The next morning she goes to class and her new professor is the guy from the bar. It's a romance so there are a bunch of obstacles but eventually Bliss, the virgin, and Garrick, the bar guy, fall in love. They get engaged. Keeping Her has Bliss and Garrick off to London to meet Garrick's parents.

Title: Seeking Her: A FINDING IT Novella, Author: Cora CarmackI must have liked Losing It because it is the first in a series and I finished the series, but I didn't like this, at least not the first two-thirds. I get being nervous about meeting the in-laws but Bliss is so insecure and whiny she comes off more as a child than an adult who is about to take marriage vows. It is only when she grows a backbone and stands up for herself, or really for Garrick that she becomes bearable. The rest of the time she's a mess.

Seeking Her was less annoying but completely unnecessary. It is a prequel to Finding It, the third book in the Losing It series. In Finding It former marine Jackson Hunt is hired by Kelsey's father to follow Kelsey around and keep her safe and she parties her through Europe after graduating from college. Seeking Her is Jackson's story as he follows Kelsey around watching her get drunk and hook up with random guys. It wasn't terrible but it also wasn't much of a story on its own.

Overall I enjoyed the books in the original series - Losing It, Faking It and Finding It -  these two novellas not so much.

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