Monday, December 19, 2016

Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

Big Rock  Big Rock was so much fun, so hot, and so funny. Spencer is rich, smart, nice, and shall we say gifted. He is a total playboy but the women he dates seem to know and appreciate what they're getting with him. Spencer also comes from a good family with parents who adore him, his sister, and each other. Spencer's parents are so in love with each other all his father wants to do is sell the family jewelry business and retire early so he can sail around the world with his wife. Luckily Spencer's father has a buyer all lined up. He just needs Spencer and his sex life to stay out of the gossip pages for a week because the potential buyer is conservative and wants to buy a wholesome family company. Spencer not only agrees to keep it zipped up for a week, he raises things up a notch and asks his best friend Charlotte to pretend to be his fiancee. She agrees with a condition of her own. Spencer and Charlotte agree to a few ground rules, one being no falling in love. Despite their best intentions it doesn't take long before Spencer and Charlotte's fake engagement starts to feel real.

A heterosexual romance from a guy's point of view - that's not something I come across everyday. Big Rock was pretty near perfect. It was funny, steamy hot, succinct, and had likeable characters. There was no unnecessary filler, not much in the way of artificial obstacles - just two people falling in love. And I fell a little in love with this story.

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