Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girls: The Complete Collection by The Luna Brothers

Girls Complete Collection

I did not grow up reading comic books or graphic novels.  Although I love cartoons and superhero stories, it wasn't a format I ever really explored that much until recently.  Last year when DC Comics started its new 52 campaign, I decided to give comics a try.  I heard about Girls while listening to Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy podcast (one of my favorite podcasts) where she interviewed Joshua and Jonathan Luna, the guys behind the story and art of Girls.  I was intrigued enough to give graphic novels a try.

I'm not quite sure what to think about Girls.  It is beautifully drawn and the story is interesting and compelling.  Once I started it I could hardly put it down.  It is a science-fiction story involving alien women who invade a small town.  They attack the human woman and seduce the men, and after said seduction lay eggs (yes eggs) that within a matter of hours yield more alien women clones.  The townspeople are trapped.  They work together, turn on each other, attack each each, save each other, and so on. 

I felt like the Luna Brothers were making a statement about women, men, relationships, authority, mob behavior, but I'm not exactly sure what that statement is.  The story begins and ends with a set of panels about the cycle of life, its beauty and ugliness and here some of the beauty and a lot of the ugliness is on full display, but what it all means in the end I couldn't tell you.

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