Friday, August 5, 2016

Spice by Seressia Glass

Product DetailsSpice is a contemporary adult romance. Nadia Spiceland is a bakery owner, former reality TV star, and a recovering accident. She's been sober and celibate for four years and is looking to change one of those things. She doesn't want a relationship, just a man who knows what he's doing. Enter Kaname "Kane" Sullivan a professor at the local college who teaches human sexuality. In addition to teaching, Kane is a police consultant and an author of several well regarded nonfiction books. The seriousness of his academic pursuits has not stopped Kane's students from giving him the nickname Professor Sex. Fortunately for Nadia Professor Sex is exactly what she is looking for. 

There are so many things to like about Spice. It is effortlessly inclusive and diverse - Kane is half-Japanese and Nadia is the daughter of two men who are very much in love. Nadia and all of her friends are recovering addicts and that isn't taken lightly. Kane and Nadia act like the adults they are, meaning among other things they discuss things like sharing medical records, something I don't see in too many books (or movies). Above all, there is quite a bit of steam in this romance. Another thing I appreciated about Spice was that the story starts right away. Nadia wants to explore her sexuality and so she does, simple as that. Things begin to get complicated when one of them starts wanting more out of the relationship.

Overall I really enjoyed reading Spice. It did drag a tiny bit in some spots and there was some unnecessary conflict, but overall it was well worth the read. I have already bought the next book in the series.

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