Friday, August 19, 2016

Sugar by Seressia Glass

Sugar (A Sugar and Spice Novel)  Sugar is the second in what I'm guessing will be at least a four book series by Seressia Glass (the first book being Spice). Siobhan "Sugar" Malloy is a thirty-five year-old co-owner of the Sugar and Spice Cafe, a part-time burlesque dancer, and a recovering addict. She's doing mostly okay with five years of sobriety, a group of supportive friends, and a successful business. All that's missing is a love interest. Enter Charlie O'Halloran.

The moment Charlie lays eyes on Siobhan he's hooked. With her rockabilly style and vintage clothes accentuating her curves in just the right way, how could he not? The two begin a steamy affair. Feelings come into play quickly and easily. The trouble is both of them have secrets holding them back from a happily ever after.

I liked Sugar a lot, maybe even more than Spice. Siobhan and Charlie have serious issues in their pasts and in their present to deal with and those issues are not solved easily or quickly. I also like that Siobhan is a woman with a past and experience, some good and bad. On the back of the book it says that Sugar is for mature audiences. I would agree, not just because of the sexy times between Siobhan but because it is they are both mature adults dealing with adult problems.

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