Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwell

Product DetailsWhat Belongs to You is a novel of lust and longing. An American teacher in Bulgaria goes into a public bathroom with a man named Mitko. So begins the on and off relationship between the American and the hustler. I'm calling Mitko a hustler because one way or another he always manage to get something out of his American friend.

I can't remember how this novel first came to my attention but all the sudden it was everywhere and I had to read it right away. Somehow my urgent need to read this book seems appropriate. Speaking of reading, at times it was a little difficult to get through this. This books is maybe ten long paragraphs. Okay I'm kidding, sort of. Whole chunks of the book, pages and pages, are one long paragraph. With the lack of paragraphs I sometimes got lost. Still the sentences were beautiful and got me through.

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