Friday, March 28, 2014

Resolution Update

In January 2014 I undertook several resolutions, including four bookish ones.  They were as follows:

Literary Explorations Challenge
    The goal of this challenge is to read books from 36 different genres, from action/adventure to young adult.  So far I have completed 12 of the 36 genres.  I started with some of my favorite genres like mystery and urban fantasy.  The real challenge will come later with horror and true crime.

Mount TBR
     Here the goal is to read 36, maybe even 48, books from my to be read list.  Beyond that, my goal is to turn my mountain of unread books into more of a hill, which means not adding to the TBR pile either, at least not too much.  With this challenge I have had mixed results.  On the one hand, 12 of the books I read this year came from my TBR pile as it existed on December 31, 2013.  On the other hand, I have purchased at least that many books since that date.  I have also been going to the library more which cuts both ways (not adding to the list but not reducing it either). 

What's in a name?
     This challenge involves reading books whose titles reference time, a position of royalty, a number written in letters, a forename or names, and a type or element of weather.  This should be easy to complete as there are only five categories.  So far I've completed two of the five categories - a reference to time and a forename or name.

Goodreads Challenge
     This is a general challenge to read a certain number of books in 2014.  I'm aiming for 65.  At 24 books read so far, I'm well ahead of schedule.  Some of the books I want to read this year are pretty hefty so this pace probably won't continue, but at least the year is off to a good start.

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