Monday, May 5, 2014

What's a Witch to Do? by Jennifer Harlow

What's a Witch to Do?  Mona is a giver who has spent most of her life taking care of other people.  She helped raise her younger sisters and is now raising her nieces after their mother abandons them.  As the high priestess (aka the head witch) of her coven Mona mentors and advises the other witches.  At one time or another people in the small southern town where she lives, half of whom she is related to, have found Mona's door open when they needed help. On top of all that Mona runs her own business and is active in her community, human and supernatural.  And what does she get in return for all her generosity?  Death threats.

When Adam, a werewolf from her past, comes crashing into Mona's life with the news that someone in her coven is trying to kill her, Mona channels her inner Miss Marple and tries to identify her potential murderer.  She figures it must be one of the women who would be eligible to succeed her as the high priestess in the event of her death.  Luckily she doesn't have to solve the mystery alone as Adam decides to stick around and be her bodyguard.

What's a Witch to Do? is a cozy mystery-paranormal-romance centered around a witch and a werewolf, with a vampire and a demon thrown in for good (or not so good) measure.  It was a little predictable with obvious misdirects on both the romantic and mystery story fronts and I solved the mystery of the potential murderer long before Mona did.  Still I enjoyed the ride.  I recently listened to a podcast where one of topics was literary palate cleansers to be read in between heavier books.  This is perfect for that.  The romance was sweet.  The mystery, well there wasn't much of a mystery, but that's okay.  It was quirky and quick in just the right way.

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