Sunday, March 1, 2015

February In Review


February was another good month for reading. I finished eight books, half of which were from my pre-2015 TBR pile.  One book had been in the pile for more than a year.  I did buy a few books in February, but not nearly as many as I bought in January.  I like to think of that as an improvement.  My favorite reads for the month were Trust Me, I'm Lying and Started Early, Took My Dog.  Dirty Rowdy Thing was also pretty great.

This year I've taken on several reading challenges.  The Book Riot Read Harder and genre challenges are going well.  The challenge that is proving to be the most challenging is Reading the World.  I have read a couple books by a Canadian author, but honestly that wasn't much of a stretch because the books were part of a series I started last year.  In March hopefully I will manage to read a book by an author from a continent other than the one where I currently live.

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