Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Recently I have become obsessed with bookplates - the labels that go inside the cover of book indicating ownership.  They’re a great way to identify your books, which is especially helpful when loaning or borrowing books.  They can also be a way to add a little bit of art into one’s life.  They can be simple with text on a solid color background or more artsy with pictures, drawings, or logos.

My search for bookplates began at my local bookstore.  With only four choices, the bookstore’s limited selection left much to be desired.  I then turned to the internet where I found a much larger selection.  One of the sites I found Etsy.  Etsy has a generous selection of handmade bookplates, many of which can be customized. 

The selection of customized bookplates made me wonder if I could make my own bookplates.  The simple answer seems to be yes.  One idea I had is to have stickers made using the services of Moo.  I just ordered a set of Moo mini cards, which are essentially business cards only smaller.  What I love about Moo cards is that they’re fun and unusual which I hope will make them stand out from the crowd of ordinary business cards.  One side has a design that I chose from among their huge selection (you can also use your own design or picture), and the other side has my contact details.  Anyway, Moo also makes stickers which I’m thinking might work well as bookplates.  Alternatively, I found simple instructions on how to make bookplates from multiple websites.  So now I’m trying to come up with designs so I can make my own bookplates.  When I've made a few I'll post them here.  If you have made any bookplates on your own, feel free to share them here.  I would love to see what others came up with.

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