Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Once A Runner by John L. Parker, Jr.

Once a Runner

If you love running, Once A Runner might be for you.  There isn't much of a plot.  The writing is good, but not great, except when the writing is about the running, then it is pretty good.  Reading this book reminded me of what I have felt and thought about when running and training, especially the times when I've trained for a marathon.  Not that my training routine has ever been anything like what the runners do here in their quest to become champions. As a runner this book resonated with me.  However, I'm not sure if non-runners will necessarily be interested in this book.  At a minimum this book requires an interest in the minutiae of running, in tempo runs, strides and the rest.  If I wasn't already a runner myself, this would have been a lot less interesting.

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