Thursday, August 23, 2012

Class by Cecily von Ziegesar


Cecily von Ziegesar is the author and creator of the Gossip Girl series which is good, trashy fun, and is usually shelved in the young adult section of at the local bookstore.   Class (also published as Cum Laude) is von Ziegesar’s attempt at an adult novel.  I expected something akin to Gossip Girl but more adult.  I was disappointed.  The characters were flat.  There was no growth over the course of the book.  The plot was...well, there wasn’t really much of a plot.  It was ridiculous and unbelievable.  Of course Gossip Girl is also on the ridiculous side, and yet its version of the upper east side is believable, at least for the brief time it takes to read there series.  Not a word of Class was believable.  So if you're in need of something fun and quick to read in between more hearty fare, the Gossip Girl series might be worth a look, but skip this.

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