Saturday, September 27, 2014

What I'm Watching this Fall (Part 2 - Returning Favorites)

I love summer, but the upside about is ending is the return of favorite shows.

  • Nashville (ABC) and Arrow (CW) - These both premiered in 2012 and were my favorite two new shows that season.  An odd paring perhaps, but what can I say, I have eclectic taste.
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC) - Can't wait to see how it takes on Frozen
  • Sleepy Hollow (Fox) - I have to admit that when I first saw the trailer for this show last summer, I thought how did this show ever get made?  This is the dumbest concept ever in the history of television.  At first I watched it to laugh at it, but after two or three episodes I was hooked.
  • The Blacklist (NBC) - Last year Castle, Hostages, and The Blacklist were scheduled in the same time slot.  My DVR only allows me to watch or record two shows at once.  I have long been a fan of Castle so that was one.  With Dylan McDermott, Toni Collette, and an interesting premise, Hostages was my second choice.  I gave up Hostages after two episodes and switched to the The Blacklist and wondered what I had been thinking.  James Spader is spectacular as Red Reddington.  I really hope we find out more about Elizabeth's husband this season.
  • Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) - People had mixed reactions about this in the beginning but I liked it from day one.  So glad it was renewed for a second season.
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX) - I bet a lot of people would be surprised that I watch this show, but I do.  This is its 7th and final season and I expect the bloodshed to reach epic proportions, which if you've seen the show, is saying a lot. This season is going to be hard to watch but unlike many of the characters, I expect to make it to the end. 
  • About a Boy (NBC) - Loved Nick Hornby's book, loved the movie, and loved the show.  Enough said.
  • Grimm (NBC) - This started the same year as Once Upon a Time.  Like that show, it takes on fairy tales.  Grimm's take is a combination of horror and police procedural.  Kind of love it.  Hope Nick recovers his powers as a Grimm.
  • Scandal (ABC) - I think Scandal might be the epitome of what people mean by "jumped the shark."  It is completely insane, soapy and over the top, and oh so much fun!
  • Doctor Who (BBC) - Not sure if this should be considered a summer show since the new season began in August, but in any case, I love it!
  • Elementary (CBS) - It is Sherlock Holmes in New York.  It is basically a police procedural.  I like it best when the focus is on Sherlock and Watson's relationship, and each's relationship with Sherlock's brother, Mycroft.
Maybe Not a Favorite, but I Like It
  • Haven (SyFy) - This was inspired by a short story by Stephen King called The Colorado Kid.  It is set in a small town in Maine that is beset by "troubles," strange and sometimes scary phenomenon that no one can quite explain.  The new woman in town, Audrey, seems to be able to help somehow. I really like this show but wonder how much longer it can go on.  The thing about shows whose premise centers on a problem is that at some point the problem has to be resolved, one way or another.
  • The Good Wife (ABC) - This got really boring for awhile.  I almost stopped watching, but then Alicia left one firm, started another, Will suddenly died, and the show got good again.
  • The Mindy Project (Fox) - I don't know why I don't watch many comedies anymore but this one is pretty good.
  • Chicago Fire (NBC) - My mom and sister watched this so I started watching it and never stopped.
  • NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles & Criminal (CBS) -  These are all more or less crime procedurals.  Mystery is one of my favorite genres to read, so I guess it is no surprise that I like mystery type shows.
  • Hawaii Five-O (CBS) - A crime procedural set in Hawaii, so instead of the gritty streets of New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, you get beautiful Hawaii - what's not to love?

Still Watching for Now, but Losing Steam
  • Castle (ABC) - This started as a crime procedural that had a mystery of the week, an overarching mystery (who killed Beckett's mother) and a will-they-or-won't-they romance.  Beckett's mother's murder has been solved and Castle and Beckett are together, so all that's left is the mystery of the week and I can find that on multiple shows.
  • Revenge (ABC) - This has the same problem as Haven - a problem that needs to be resolved sooner or later.  At some point Emily/Amanda needs to get her revenge or give up and move on. The longer it takes, the more Emily/Amanda becomes like Victoria.  The more Emily/Amanda becomes like Victoria, the less sympathetic she becomes and it ends with everyone just running around in circles.
  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - This show began with a new crop of interns at a Seattle hospital.  Now the interns own or are otherwise running the hospital.  They have grown up, gotten married, had kids, gotten divorced, and watched friends and family die.  Kind of feels like this show has just about reached full circle.
  • The Vampire Diaries (CW) - Vampires, werewolves, romance - this is a teen dream.  Only none of the characters (or actors playing them) are teens anymore and it shows.  They have all dated each other, in some cases multiple times.  They have saved the town (aka the world) multiple times.  Many, actually maybe all of the main characters, have died and come back to life at least once.  Vampire Diaries used to be addictive but the high just isn't the same anymore.  Unless something truly new and spectacular happens this will probably be my last season watching it, assuming I make it through the end of the season.
Am I missing anything?  What shows are you watching?


  1. what a great list! i'll definitely check out some of the ones i'm not already watching :) i'd highly recommend 'the originals'! seems like some of the very best resources (script writers, actors etc) from 'the vampire diaries' have moved on to its spin-off. i really enjoyed the first season, and am very much looking forward to the second starting very soon!

  2. Thanks Magdalena. I forgot about the Originals. I remember watching the spinoff but then didn't watch the series because it conflicted with something else. I'll have to binge watch the first season.


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